Amritnam Network

Amrit Nam Sarovar has a presence in many parts of the world. They are local entry points into the wheel of development; whether Teacher Training, Mentoring, Immersion Courses, Seva Programs, Study Groups or other activities. Here is where we are at the moment:

Almaty (Kazakhstan) Hamburg
St Petersburg
Amsterdam Heilbronn (Germany) Tallinn (Estonia)
Köln Vevey (Switzerland)
Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Ljubljana (Slovenia) St Petersburg
Crimea (Ukraine) London St. Georgen (Germany)
Dahab (Egypt) Moscow Strasbourg (France)
Devon (UK) Offenburg (Germany) Winterthur
Fribourg (Switzerland)

If you want to do a local level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training its is best to contact the local trainers; you will find their details on their own websites.

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