Sacred Geometry

    Part of level 2  

This course is open to anyone who has finished Kundalini Yoga level 1 or 2, or a comparable spiritual training.

Sacred Geometry: The Language of Signs, Symbols and Numbers

We are happy to announce this level 2 module. For many it will be NEW, but it was already part of the Amritnam level 2 twenty years ago.

Amritnams’ level 2 program has always had an elaborated scope and vision. It was for this reason that the programme included the additional and indispensable 6th module on Death and Dying. And now, with the addition of this 7th module on Sacred Geometry, the structure of the level 2 is complete.

About the module

Before life there is code. It is purusha inducing prakriti to be shaped. Form is given shape according to laws. When we discover these laws, we come to understand the patterns of life itself.

When we listen deeply we become aware of frequencies that were inaccessible to our day-to-day consciousness before. The codes that are transmitted on these frequencies emanate from the relations between all parts of creation, and become tangible through numbers, angles and energy.

In this course we will learn to read this language of the divine, so that we will better understand our lives and that of others, as well as what is asked of us in this lifetime.

This module is open for anyone who starts the level 2 this year, or who has already done (part of) it.

It will take place for the first time in the Mother Ashram Le Martinet under the guidance of Karta Singh in June 2017 with the collaboration of Narshan.

You will find practical details about this and other level 2 courses on the level 2 page.



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