With the seva programme at Le Martinet we offer people a space to contribute to a collective effort. To serve selflessly, to spend time in nature and meditate on their self as it unfolds in action. To be in the seva programme means to be part of a regulated, constant daily structure where you explore many aspects of yoga in a broader sense. There is early morning yoga every day, with physical exercise, prayer and mantra chanting. We do a meditation in the evening, and in between we eat, live and work together in a conscious way.

We ‘rub against’ each other. And through this experience, we learn to acknowledge that the things we find difficult in others, often hint at aspects of ourselves we find hard to face. It is through this constant process of chipping away at our limiting beliefs and judgments, that we create a group consciousness together. We use it to go beyond our ordinary seperatedness and learn to serve all.

Is this for you?
Some people come to do seva because they just want to serve. Others because they are in a difficult spot in their lives and want to gain some perspective. Often it is a mix of motivations. Whatever the reason, we hope to offer at Le Martinet a place where people can join on reasonable terms. Where they enter a spiritual lifestyle that is sometimes difficult to maintain on ones own, but much easier when one is supported through the community effort.

Goals of the seva programme
There are three main things that we try to achieve with the seva programme at Le Martinet:

  • Raise the consciousness of individuals
  • Create a mini-model society, based on compassion, where people live for each other, not at each other. May we be seen as an example to the world around us.
  • Grow the permanent community of Le Martinet. This is a long term perspective and it is not for everyone. The seva programme also serves as a way for all the people involved to see if living at Le Martinet as a permanent community member is a good idea.

Daily programme
The operative principle is: work for 6 hrs per day.

4.00 Prakash

4.30 - 7.00 Aquarian Sadhana

8.00 Breakfast

9.30 Tune in collectively. And work.

13.00 Lunch

15.30 - 18.00 Work

18.00 Light dinner (soup or something equivalent)

20.00 Meditation / light yoga | whatever is appropriate

22.00 (or earlier) Sukhasan

You can camp in your own tent and there are toilet facilities on the grounds

Cost of the seva programme
We want the seva programme to be as affordable and accessible as possible.

Here is an indication what amount you will need to budget for. You pay 300 Euro if you stay for a month (or 10 Euro per day) for everything included. If you stay for a shorter term, the price per day will increase (up to 28 Euro per day). The minimum stay is 7 days. 

Application process
If consider coming, please fill out our application form. In it you can give us the time that you are available and the necessary personal details. 

We will then schedule a skype or phone interview with you to get a better idea of your situation and intentions and so on. We assess your situation together. And see if it is a good fit, both for you and the community that will be hosting your stay. After this first interview, your application is decided upon by the community. If it is approved, we let you know and ask that you pay for your intended stay before you come or upon arrival.

If you are staying longer than a week, we will have an evaluation interview after about a week of being in the programme to make sure that mutual expectations are met. Just before you leave there will be a third interview to see if and how you can integrate your experience, how you can come back to regular life and possibly get a personal practice to do when you get back home.


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Contact & Address


Domaine Le Martinet

38650 Saint Michel-les-Portes, France

Bank info

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