Teacher Training level 2

Level 2 consists of 6 week modules for transpersonal transformation. The completion of level 2 provides the global experience of 1001 days within a steady group. Here, you apply Kundalini Yoga for your personal development.

Amrit Nam Sarovar offers Level 2 Trainings in France, Russia, China and Australia. Please go to the dates section for detailed course information.



Those who want to expand to Infinity must know to contract themselves to a point of zero

- Yogi Bhajan

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Please check if you are eligible to participate in this course by reading the requirements 

Based on the dynamic of the 5 elements, you explore your shadow side and your personal limitations. Dormant potentials become directly accessible. The student initiates himself into a process of individuation to project the Real Self, the Sat Nam.

The one who connects with the power of the word masters conscious communication, is able to reshape his own character, and reaches the state of consciousness of the archetype of the teacher.

The Exceptional 6th Module of Transition: The Step Towards Mastery

In this Module, the passage from the teacher to the leader is completed. This is the path of the spiritual warrior and the practice of Raj Yoga:

  • yogic approach to death
  • application of Aquarian strategies for success
  • management of group consciousness
  • starting a master project to find your place within the community (technology of the open space)

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Module I: Vitality & Stress

  • the concept of excitement, expansion, containment, and completion applied to kriyas
  • the dynamic of the five tattwas applied to physiology and metabolism
  • symptoms of energetics and kriyas to heal deficiencies of organs and body systems (against aging, for the brain, for weight loss and gain)
  • Naad, prana, and pranayama in Kundalini Yoga
  • diet: food as medicine, pattern  of transformation of colours, forms, and tattwas
  • healing hands
  • physiology of kriya


Module II: Conscious Communication

  • The power to speak and to be heard
  • advanced Naad Yoga
  • the art of listening: the hidden self and its agenda
  • communication therapy
  • communication and chakras
  • communication and the projection of a teacher
  • communication with the infinite and the unknown
  • the power of your prayer.
  • lots of inter-actions and practices
  • diet: communicate with your food


Module III: Authentic Relationships

Humanology for relationships: he - she- we!

  • HE: TRUE MAN - the nature of your nature, the blocks you cannot talk about, being invincible, how to succeed your quest, being a myth? how to talk to women, special man to man
  • SHE: ADI SHAKTI - the graceful woman - her 11 moods and her grace, lunar being and solar being, animus integration, sisterhood, beauty secrets, menopause
  • WE: AUTHENTICITY - relationship to higher self, alchemic weddings, polarity and the tantric path. Relationships and reconciliations, how to balance your sexuality

Special assignment: For the 40 days before the course a mono-diet of kitcheree, the practice of Sat Kriya for 11 minutes per day, and refraining from sex.

Module IV: Mind & Meditation

  • 81 facets of the mind and applied meditation
  • the samyama of Kundalini Yoga
  • the experience of shunia
  • breath walk and walking meditations
  • immersion in the meditative mind  24/7
  • introduction to the sacred space and 9 aspects as 9 archetypes
  • diet: special food for the brain (very light and sattvic)

Module V: Lifecycles & Lifestyles

  • the cycles of destiny and fate
  • the rings of success
  • the cycles of consciousness, intelligence, and life
  • analysis of your autobiography
  • finding the crucial transition points in your life
  • discover the destiny of your incarnation
  • how to re-write and set your goals and destiny.  Including Success and prosperity
  • diet: success means to celebrate life, every day a banquet.

SPECIAL EXTRA MODULE: The warrior saint

  • "I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul."
  • meet the challenge to deal with Shakti and Bhakti - introduction to Raj Yoga
  • learn strategies for the age of Aquarius
  • the shield of the Aquarian warrior
  • effective meditation; pratyahara
  • make yama your best friend, be always prepared to die
  • how to prepare for death, be ready for war and pacify your 5 enemies

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Level II 2014/2015 - start 8-3-14

1st year 

Each week starts at 7pm on the day of arrival and ends on the day of departure after Sadhana and breakfast (around 8:00am).

Module I: Vitality & Stress, March 8 - 15
Module II: Conscious Communication, June 7 - 14
Module III: Authentic Relationships, 30 August - 6 September


Module IV: Mind & Meditation, March 22 - 29 2015
Module V: Lifecycles & Lifestyles, June 13 - 19/20 (End date to be confirmed) 2015
Module VI: The Warrior Saint, October 11 - 18 2015


Level II 2013/14 

Each week starts at 7pm on the day of arrival and ends on the day of departure after Sadhana and breakfast (around 8:00am).

2nd year - 2014 

Module IV: Mind & Meditation, March 16 - 23
Module V: Lifecycles & Lifestyles, June 14 - 21
Module VI: The Warrior Saint, October 11 - 18

Winter and Spring Modules: Gite de la Margeliere

Summer ModulesDomaine Le Martinet



Level II 2014/15 - start 26-5-14 

Module I:   Stress & Vitality, 14 - 19 Jan 
Module II:  Conscious Communication, 24 - 30 Oct


Module IV: The Warrior Saint, 26 - 31 May

Additional dates will be added soon.



More information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or visit the Amrit Nam Sarovar Russia website


Level II  2013/2014

Module I: Vitality & Stress, Sept 2013, 20-26
Module II: Conscious Communication Jan 2014, 10-16
Module III: Authentic Relationships, April 2014 12-18
Module IV: Mind & Meditation, Sept 2014
Module V: Lifecycles & Lifestyles, Jan 2015
Module VI: The Warrior Saint, April 2015

Download the flyer

Also more information on the Ajai Alai Website


Level II 2014/15 - start 31-3-14

Module I:   Vitality & Stress, 31 March - 6 April 2014 
Module II:  Conscious Communication, 28 Oct - 02 Nov 2014
Module III: Authentic Relationships, 31 March - 5 April 2015

Additional dates will be published as soon as they become available.

More information on the KM Yoga website

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This information is for the Level II in France. Please check with local teams for the trainings in Russia, China and Australia.
The Level II teacher training is a 2 year commitment consisting of three modules per year. The tuition fee per year is EUR 1740 and needs to be paid in three installments of EUR 580 each at the beginning of a module.

The first instalment is paid as a deposit of EUR 580 at least 20 days prior to the starting date.

Discount: If you pay all of the teaching fees for one year in full, the reduced tuition fee for one year is EUR 1650.

A package of online study materials, such as manuals and study books, is included for each module.

The costs for food, accommodation and logistics are EUR  270 per module.

Terms of payment :  All fees (tuition fee & logistics fee) are due before the start of each module. That means you need to transfer EUR 850 per module all included. This terms are applicable for the Level 2 Training in France. Please check terms and conditions for Russia and China with the respective contact person or send us an email.

Please transfer all monies (Level 2 France) into the ANS account

In addition you will need to budget for your individual travel costs to France.

To register, send an email  to Guru Deva Kaur:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please add the following information: Legal name, spiritual name (if applicable), postal address, phone (mobile & landline), email, date of birth, level 1 certificate, place and Level 1 Trainer.
Below you will find the pack list. Please bring 20 Euro's in cash with you to the site if your training is at Le Lartinet. This is a deposit for plates and cutlery (that we loose if we do not ask a deposit for.)


Personal Interviews

Personal interviews with Karta are a great way to discover yourself and your way in life. As of 2014 a 1 hour interview costs €80. 


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