Ayurvedic Detox

(Under direction of Vaidya Lionel Narendra Das,
certified ayurvedic physician)

Ayurvedic Detox

Next dates for the Ayurvedic cure: 1 - 8 July.

Ayurvedic Cure (type: Panchakarma)
Domaine Le Martinet, France


“Learning to take care of oneself as the first principle of Consciousness”

Ayurveda is an art of living in consciousness that is universal. Timeless knowledge, Ayurveda allows us to know our permanent interrelation with everything and aims to maintain but also sometimes restore a natural balance of body and mind. Ayurveda includes different methods of education and care that will be largely addressed during our cures. The treatment will be tailored to each individual, season and place

The Ayurvedic cure offered at Martinet is a way to reconnect to yourself, take a real break, create a real space of peace in you to connect to your healing wisdom. It is a progressive cure that restores vitality, behavior and conscious bond between body and mind. The cure requires an honest and sincere commitment for a real transformation.

The program will be led by Vaidya Narendra Das (B.A.M.S.) duly trained in India for 6 years in a university (northern India) and traditionaly (South India) and offering its rare and special experience of Ayurveda.
His work is based on the traditions of classical Ayurveda. Narendra Das adapts his practice of Ayurveda to plants, climates, food and western culture without betraying the fundamental principles of this art of living.

With him a team of technicians listening and conscientious, trained in different French and foreign schools of Ayurveda but also in other techniques of care, a professional cook well experienced and a teacher graduated in Yoga Kundalini by the school Amrit Nam Sarovar.


Program of the cure for 2017

• Wake up time: 5h15-5h30 am.
• Walk on the site : 6h am.
• Yoga : 6h20 am.
• Breakfast: 7h30 am.
• Morning treatments : 8h00-11h00 am.
• Lunch: 11h am. And rest till 2 pm.
• Afternoon treatments: 2-6 pm.
• Dinner : 6 pm.
• Meditation 8 pm.
• Teaching on Ayurveda : 8h45 pm. To 9h45 pm.
• Rest: 10 pm.

Each person will be given a special cure program because each person is different. The schedules proposed above will still be respected. Rest areas are arranged to integrate better the care.

Yoga practiced in the morning will be oriented on the practice of postures (asanas), control of the breath (Pranayama) and interiorization (Pratyahara).In the evening after a short meditation, an Ayurvedic teaching will be held to help you to integrate the Ayurvedic way of life.


We want to make the cure as accessible as possible. However, depending on your personal condition, it is possible that this is not the appropriate time for you to take a cure. We therefore reserve the right of admission and thank you for your understanding.

At the Martinet, the heart of the cure in Ayurveda is an intensive week, which requires both a period of preparation (one week in your house) and a recovery period (another week in your house). This is why we have entitled the present cure: "Cure in Ayurveda type Panchakarma"

It is in these two weeks in your home that we encourage you to be active and responsible to take charge of your health. Please read the explanatory details of cure, before cure and after cure in the documents that you can download below.

The price per week all inclusive (accommodation, food, yoga, Ayurveda courses and treatments) is 1850 €
Upcoming treatment dates: 1 - 8 July and 1 - 8 August 2017

- Please check all the downloadable documents before registering -

For your registration, please send an email and the 3 documents duly completed (downloadable below), as well as a motivation letter, to the doctor at the following address: ayurvedpalm@gmail.com
Your registration can be effective only after having the agreement of the specialist in Ayurveda and after the examination of the file which contains the following parts:

• Questionnaire for the cure (Application form).
• A letter of motivation dated and signed.
• Admission for Ayurvedic cure.
• General conditions of cure in Ayurveda type "Panchakarma" signed and dated.

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The Admission to the cure in Ayurveda will be communicated to you as soon as possible after study of the complete files.

When you have received a positive response from us, please consult the following documents:

• The necessary material to bring for the cure in Ayurveda.
• The plan to access the cure site in Ayurveda.

For all questions relating to logistics and payment please send an email to Anand Astoul at this email address adi.astoul@gmail.com


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Contact & Address


Domaine Le Martinet

38650 Saint Michel-les-Portes, France

Bank info

Bank account name SAS LA BONNE PORTE Bank/Banque Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône Alpes Monestier de Clermont Address 137, Grande Rue 38650 Monestier-de-Clermont, France Account/Compte/Konto 85020436951 (for transfer from a French account) IBAN: FR76 1390 6000 3385 0204 3695 173 (international transfers) BIC AGRIFRPP839