Ishtar - Healing your Inner Child

Sat, 15 September 2018 – Sun, 16 September 2018
How shadow selves affect you & how to assist them to release 

Our Connection

Ishtar's Master Channel Work has been brought to us through Jai Gopal, who gives the Healing Rays, and has been working with her for several years. Through this cooperation we have been able to bring the Healing Rays level 1 & 2 to Le Martinet, which have been taught here last year and will continue to be offered in 2017. We are very happy that we can welcome Ishtar, who comes all the way from Australia, to be with us at this time at Le Martinet. We feel that the time for working together so that the planetary consciousness can shift, is now.

About the Workshop

The Inner child is one of the most powerful aspects of your self. In this workhop we will spend time supporting your inner child to heal and be held in love. There will be teachings from Ishtar, acrtivations from the Ascended Masters, a past life recall meditation and many tools and meditations offered to support you to work with your Aspects in a deep and meaningful way.

  • Let go old patterns and programs
  • Learn to forgive
  • Heal the old wounds
  • Let go the stories
  • Understand how you create your reality
  • Step out of being the victim
  • Connect with a past life

There many aspects of your consciousness that affect you in each moment. Sometimes you may be very aware of how these aspects affect you and sometimes you are oblivious. Many of these aspects have separated from your Divine Truth and therefore sit in the shadows trapped in old stories and illusions. These parts often distort your reality and the way you view your experiences on the Earth. These parts of you may create great sadness and loss, anger and despair, aloneness and illusion among other reactions to the world in which you live that do not always serve you to reach a higher potential. These aspects of your consciousness have been created over time – often through many incarnations - and until they are resolved they continue to travel with you lifetime after lifetime.

During this workshop Ishtar will show you how to acknowledge these aspects of self and how to support and assist them to release and resolve all that they are attached to that keeps them in separation from your Divine Self. You will be given many tools to work with them and to bring a new awareness into your consciousness and a newfound sense of peace and grace.

In addition to this Inner Child workshop she will give the Twin Flame Activation and the Healing Rays level 3, all in August 2017 in Le Martinet.

About Ishtar

In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an international spiritual teacher and counselor. She is an embodied Ascended Master Channel who has worked with the Masters for the past 12 years, regularly channelling high frequency wisdom teachings for groups and individuals.

Her work is completely in service to the mission of the Ascended Masters to assist and support humanity to evolve its consciousness on the Earth.
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