Kerala Ayurvedic Retreat

With Karta Singh and Jai Gopal

 JULY   1 - 15

Honor yourself, Honor your Health and your way of living

Spend 15 days in the 200 acres Heavea Forest in Kerala (South India) with Karta Singh, Jai Gopal and Healing rays

To connect or reconnect with your Self and rejuvenate your body thanks to Ayurvedic ancestral medecine, yoga and healing rays. Release pain in your body, clear, calm your mind and let go old wounds.

During your stay you will spend 15 days in a green leaf certified Ayurvedic hospital where treatments are authentic, in a loving kind environment of doctors, therapists and all the team. The purpose of Ayurveda is to preserve health and also address illness by balancing your dosha according to your prakriti meaning your natural constitution.

Personal guidance to become aware of your blocks, resistances during the cure will amplify the ayurvedic treatments. Session with Karta. Session with Jai Gopal. Yoga lesson and meditation adapted to the cure, 2 times a day with Karta or Jai Gopal. 


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Food and Diet
A special diet will be given to you by the doctor according to your Doshas
Food is Indian vegetarian only
Ingredients for treatments

Internal medecine will be given to you accordingly


Book now and save 50 € (before 21st march) 

Contact: Jai Gopal Kaur- Catherine Guillot mail: and phone +41 79 758 4432 

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  • You will receive major treatments called Panchkarma therapy, 5 processes used for body cleansing prescribed by the doctor. This retreat will help you to loose weight, to balance yourself, to get better sleep, to get better digestion, help your joints...
  • To deepen : Learn to release, to let it go, to open to the new. Receive and be nourrished at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Receive a Healing Ray consultation and a healing session with Jai Gopal. Receive a consultation with Karta Singh


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Book now and save 50 € (before 21st March)

Contact: Jai Gopal Kaur- Catherine Guillot mail: and phone +41 79 758 4432


What is included?

  • Visit of the factory.
  • Consultation with Jai Gopal and a healing session.
  • Consultation with Karta.
  • Transfer from Cochin Airport to the ayurvedic center In group.
  • Treatments, medicine, yoga class, food prescribed by doctors.
  • Consultation with ayurvedic doctor and follow up.
What is not included? 
  • Air ticket to Cochin airport
  • Visa for India 
  • Medicine to take home after the cure
  • Laundry
  • Individual transfer to Airport


Contact: Jai Gopal Kaur- Catherine Guillot mail: and phone +41 79 758 4432

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