Mandala Dance 

(Multilevel Energy Alignment)

NEXT DATES: 22 - 26 June

Mandala dance is an opportunity to connect with our female essence...

It is an intimate recognition of our bodies and the energy within, a reunion with the wisdom of nature and true femininity through the exploration of archetypes. A harmony of body and soul, a knowledge about ourselves and each other and a deep acceptance and sharing will result through dance and meditation. Through this process you will come back to yourself, become conscious of your divine nature and realize that life is a celebration.

We create the dance in accordance with Sacred Geometrical principles. Through the figure-of-eight (Eternity Symbol), through spirals, through waves and undulations, and through circles we consciously direct the energy in the body. While dancing these sacred patterns we visualize the colors of the rainbow. We harmonize and align the chakras (energy centers) and balance right and left (male and female) energies. The basic form is the figure-of-eight, through which every center meets and connects. Through this process we connect with the energy of the earth and the sky. We manifest all that is needed for healing and balance in life.

Breathing with deep conscious tantric breath, feeling within, using intimate muscles you are guided to move back to the Earth, to be grounded and connected, to feel her power, her wisdom, love and support. This type of breathing activates our immune system, stimulates blood circulation and helps rejuvenation.

About the teacher

Djamila (Baljeet Kaur) is a licensed Mandala Dance trainer. She studied with Maya, the founder of Mandala Dance. Djamila is a long time member of Amrit Nam Sarovar Russia and has been serving for many years as a trainer and translator for the school. Here is a video of her teaching in Russia:

Practical info

Date: 22 - 26 June (arrival evening of 21st, workshop ends 25 june 6pm. Departure: monday 26 June in the morning before 9 am.)
Price: €550 including food and bed in dorm
Location: Domaine le Martinet 
Accomodation: Standard and included accomodation is a bed in a dormitory. A double room may be rented for an additional fee. Please send an email to if you want this.
Registration: To register, please visit our registration center 
Special info: This workshop is open to all genders. Clothing to bring: Leggings and top that are close to the skin. Also (for women): Long skirt. Also bring something to offer on the altar. 

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Contact & Address

Domaine Le Martinet

38650 Saint Michel-les-Portes, France

Bank info

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