NEW DATES: 29 October evening - 3 November morning 2017

Firm movements into blocked areas of the body wake up old, stuck energy.

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Deep breathing helps to release the blocks and allow a flow in the body and spirit.

Blockages often occur because at some point in our lives, usually early in childhood, there were strong emotions that were too much to feel. We held our breath or found some other way to suppress that emotion. Over time, the emotional energy crystallizes, causing discomfort and eventually illness.

During our lives, energy gets stuck as a result of our 'skill' in suppression. We lose the capacity to allow joy and love to flow through us. To renew the life force through us, we need to revisit the old pains and traumas, free them, and live lighter.

With Amanae, you learn that you are the true healer. The practitioner brings the blockages to the surface of your consciousness, and supports and guides you to enter the blockage and let it go. 

This work is often described as a distinctly spiritual experience, where elements of the Self long-forgotten resurface.

Har Nal Kaur has brought together a team of top international practitioners to lead this life-changing workshop. This is the place to let it all go, and step more fully into your divine Self. 


The workshop begins a process that will continue to unfold for months, years, and possibly for the rest of your life. Most participants report dramatic shifts in their lives and consciousness after the workshop.


The day will be structured to support the healing process.

7am morning group mediation

9-12.30 First session
12.30 - 15.30 Lunch and rest time
15.30 - 19.00 Second session

End of day program with evening meal


Date/ October, arrive in the evening of 29th - leave on 3rd November in the morning
Accommodation/ Bedrooms in the Guesthouse at Le Martinet
Price/ 1.380 euros (all inclusive)
For more information and pre-registration please contact Har Nal Kaur

FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION, CLICK HERE.. Limited spaces available.

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Contact & Address

Domaine Le Martinet

38650 Saint Michel-les-Portes, France

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