There is a pain that is hard to acknowledge, a pain that is at the same time so obvious that it is unspeakable, and that can only be healed in the company of other men.

It is that we fundamentally do not believe that our dream can come true.

This years edition of True Man is about addressing that, and about addressing the frustration, the blocks and obstacles that keep you in that limited embrace of the lower mind.

Central to this is he exploration and mastery of space.

How do we go from fantasy to reality?

How do we move from creating something that fulfills the egoic desire alone, to producing something with real meaning… with real enduring existence.

Nothing less than this is at stake and you are welcome to contribute yourself to that.


16–21 August 2016


Le Martinet, South of Grenoble in the middle of the French Alps. Directed by Karta Singh from France along with Gurprakash Singh from Holland.


Please go to the registration center to sign up, or, if you have any questions beforehand, contact Gurprakash Singh



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