ANS-Mindful Leadership
Module 3: You and Your Business Success - 3-6 March 2022
"NEW Enterpreneurs of the NOW"
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Watch the replay of the free online class of Satyavrati and Iris introducing of the topic of NEW GROWTH and the content of the Mindful Leadership module 3. 
The introduction is followed by a to start your transformation NOW.

Module 1: YOU - February Thu 4 - Sun 7
Module 2: YOU AND WE - May Thu 6 - Sun 9
Module 3: YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS - Mar Thu 3 - Sun 6, 2022

All modules will be available online and on replay. 

Change is there if you like it or not - it is happening worldwide. This is NOW just the beginning with NO ending. Change asks for change and you are the master of the space, so change NOW.

Would you like to jump?

Because of what is coming we give you tools to be ready if you jump or to support your actual jump. Our NEW Mindful Leadership program is built to make you to the leadership facilitator in this world. To be the “NEW Entrepreneur of the NOW”.

You create your expansion to be a leader, to be a facilitator at work, to serve your business, to serve others. Are you ready to learn about your saboteurs in life, to learn how to move things at work your way, to learn how to build and grow your business?

We are we and we are one, so we co-create in workshops and give you the right hands-on tools to create with a holistic approach. The new ANS-MINDFUL LEADERSHIP program is the only leadership education that is holistic, which means:

  1. we work with the needed epigenetic change in the body and the change of your neuronal brain patterns,
  2. the mind changes by listening not to the lies of your saboteurs but to your positive/neutral mind,
  3. your own emotional shift to be in the YOU AND WE.

After each teaching we will practice Kundalini Yoga to integrate and facilitate the energetic change in you.

All three modules are recommended for the holistic approach. Everybody can participate even without any yoga know how! You can be an employee or be self-employed to become a mindful leader. All participants of the Mindful Leadership courses will get mentoring over 6 months. Each year we will select one business and help with financing, contracts, presentation skills, marketing, etc.


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Watch Satyavrati Karta and Iris Welten speak about the course and tune in with the energy of success through a special kriya.


Satyavrati Karta

Studied with different masters in the USA and India in different traditions (Kundalini yoga, Tibetan Tantra yoga) and supported also as a board member their institutions for 30 years.

Program developer since 40 years for self- awareness, self-transformation and delivery of transpersonal experiences for adaptation to CHANGES.

SPIRITUAL HEALER and MENTOR for nearly over 1’000 trainers and teachers. Founder and head of AMRITNAM SAROVAR SCHOOL, an international brand/network of hundreds of certified teachers/leaders developers in the field (Russian speaking countries, Europe and South America). Entrepreneur with his own company and LE MARTINET domaine with a micro farm in permaculture and large hosting capacity (vegetarian food and lodging).

Iris Welten

MBA and Master in Communications/Market Psychology from the LMU University Munich. Former Senior Executive and CEO in large international listed corporations (Deutsche Telekom, Clariant, Swiss Life, etc.) in Asia, USA and Europe. Now Member in various boards in Switzerland, entrepreneur with 2 own companies (YogaWelten Retreats and Welten & Welten focused on Responsable Leadership), business angel, university lecturer and spiritual woman. Kundalini teacher Level I & II (ANS), Hatha RYT200 teacher and Tsa Lung teacher (Tibetan yoga).


Module 1 – YOU
4.-7. February 2021


  • Self-Awareness (emotional, mind, body)
  • Self-Management (emotional self control, adaptability, achievement orientation, positive outlook)


  • How to deal with stress and pressure
  • How to build resilience (emotional, cognitive and body)


  • Change fear of the unknown to positive fear
  • Open up and let go to be an innovator


  • Be the master of the space
  • Positive Anticipation (super positivity)

Module 2 – YOU AND WE
6.-9. May 2021

Social Awareness

  • Empathy
  • Organizational Awareness

Relationship Management Workshops

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Teamwork
  3. Inspirational Leadership – be a facilitator and be a leader of consciousness

3.-6. March 2022


  • Organize yourself (body, mind and emotions)
  • Organize your environment (skills to organize yourself and others)

Business ABC

  • Skill set how to start and how to grow your business (developing a business and financial plan, do’s and don’ts, etc.)
  • Present yourself to be heard
  • Be successful as an employee or executive – expand yourself to serve your business

Guided Business Workshops

  1. How to build up and how to grow your business
  2. Financing your business
  3. How to manage your success as employee or as a business owner

Business Growth

  • Numerology & skills to grow you
  • Numerology & skills to grow others
  • Numerology & skills to grow your business

Practical Info


At Le Martinet - 693 EUR per module including food and water/tea (full course price - 2079 EUR)
Online / on replay - 550 EUR per module (full course price - 1650 EUR)

Lodging in the dormitory - EUR 25/night
in the double room - EUR 45/night
single room with shared bathroom - EUR 55/night
single room with own bathroom - EUR 65/night


Module 1: 4-7th February
Module 2: 6-9th May
Module 3: 3-6th March 2022

Start on the first day: from 19h (arrival from 16h)
END on the last day: 16h


Domaine Le Martinet – St Michel les Portes 38650, France
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If you have any questions about the program, please, contact Iris Welten:

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+41 77 463 9772




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