Ishtar - Freedom for the Soul 2018

September    Sat 15  – Sun 16 

Let go the old pain and trauma that limits your soul from flying free and becoming all that you are. 

2 day workshop at Le Martinet


Price, Information & Registration


Teaching Fees    250 eur   


  • 55 eur per day for dorm
  • 70 eur per day for rooms

Workshop Time

  • starts at 10.00
  • Finishes at 18.00

For more information please contact Jai Gopal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About the Workshop

The Ascended Masters teach that there is a very easy way to release and resolve your old trauma that you hold in your being. Let us show you how.

This trauma is the old karma that knocks you over at times and no matter what you do always seems to come back to haunt you.

Join us for two days of advanced training where you will begin to follow the path of least resistance to find ease and grace in life.

So often we hold onto our pain and trauma because it is what we know. Our fear holds us in prison of our own making.

We often make our pain and trauma the truth about who we are and we are fearful if we let this go we will not know who we are.

It becomes a comfortable old pattern or habit that keeps us contracted and closed trying to protect us from the outside world.

Even though the cause of the trauma has long passed, our reaction to it remains with us and holds us in its grip limiting so many parts of our life.

On this journey there are just three simple steps we will take: Acknowledge, Accept and Embrace.

These are the steps that bring you to unconditional love.

During these 2 days we will:

  • Identify and acknowledge the pain you hold inside
  • Discover how these  emotions are the result of our old karmic attachments.
  • On this discovery tour we will learn that simply because you may choose to disconnect, suppress or ignore your emotions you do not disconnect from the cause of your emotions. 
  • Your emotions will continue to affect you whether or not you want to acknowledge them.
  • We will look at where we sit in our emotions and how much we are attached to the karma that causes them. 
  • We will spend time learning about the polarities of our emotions and where we are choosing to flow in these polarities and how perhaps we may make a better choice for ourselves.
  • We will look at the karmic cause of these emotions and begin to walk the 3 step journey into unconditional love of ourselves.
  • We will bring you to a place of comfort and acceptance of this pain
  • We will find a neutral place within where we can observe the attachments without reaction or judgement
  • We will open to the gift this pain or trauma brings to you
  • We will step into a place of clarity and a new perspective
  • We will embrace the trauma and pain and bring it into the light

Come and join us for this profound journey into freedom for your soul.


For more information please contact Jai Gopal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also Available

Consultations with Ishtar, consultations with the Masters and also past life regression sessions.

Dates 18th, 19th and 20th        * 4 sessions per day only

Price for a session : 130 euros

About Ishtar

In’Easa mabu Ishtar is an international spiritual teacher and counselor. She is an embodied Ascended Master Channel who has worked with the Masters for the past 12 years, regularly channeling high-frequency wisdom teachings for groups and individuals.

Her work is completely in service to the mission of the Ascended Masters to assist and support humanity to evolve its consciousness on the Earth.
To learn more about Ishtar see:

Our Connection

Ishtar's Master Channel Work has been brought to us through Jai Gopal, who gives the Healing Rays, and has been working with her for several years. Through this cooperation we have been able to bring the Healing Rays level 1 & 2 to Le Martinet, which have been taught here last year and will continue to be offered in 2017. We are very happy that we can welcome Ishtar, who comes all the way from Australia, to be with us at this time at Le Martinet. We feel that the time for working together so that the planetary consciousness can shift, is now. 




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