Love, Life and Light Festival

Le Martinet International soul Gathering SOMA-TANTRA 

August   Fri 16 - Sun 18 evening          Register here

Our orbit designated by the Sacred Geometry according to universal laws, has reached a place where Domaine Le Martinet has become a place where every one experience “COMING HOME“.

From the upmost beginner to the eldest practitioner, all AMRIT NAM SROVAR network, all travelers and friends, they all have come to be confronted, elevated, and exalted. Going by they are ready to face THE TIME OF CHANGES. This is 18 years we have been serving the GREAT AWAKENING . Today it is time to CELEBRATE LOVE LIFE AND LIGHT In the heart of mother earth, ”the happy valley”, with her powerful RIVER STREAM, and her friendly DRAGONNE.

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FAMILIES, PARTNERS, CHILDREN, AND FRIENDS, with a brand-new approach of relationship and communication ARE WELLCOME to network, and open to new connections.

We will have children camp up to 8 and teens camp up to 16 .

We want to offer an “AQUARIAN SPACE” TO INCLUDE each of you no matter which angle you come from.


Time Friday Saturday Sunday
5 am                         Creative Sadhana
7:30 am   Breakfast  
8:30 am             Start of children's and teen's camp
9:00                                  TANTRA
15:00     Closure and opening collective
              banquet and rest
 Time to say
 good bye
17:30 Sociaize and creativity  
fire place
Evening EVENT
New culture musicians

song for the Earth


Location -  Domaine Le Martinet, 38650 St Michel les Portes, France
Accommodation -  Camping & we offer a few rooms upon request and additional cost

3 days - 330 Euro
2 days - 250 Euro
If you are doing the True Man/Woman of Joy 2019 course, you have one day of SOMA included (16 August). You can stay for two more days for a discount price of 220 EUR.

under 7 years old - free of charge
7-13 years old - 30 EUR/day
14-18 years old - 50 EUR/day

Time/Arrive: Thursday from 18.00
Time/Leave: Sunday after 15:00

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