Relationship and Conflict Management

Free ONLINE teaching and Kriya from Satyavrati Karta & Iris Welten
Saturday, April 3rd , 16.00-17.30 CET (Paris Time)

We will give you an insight on how to manage your relationships and conflicts in order to be effective as a team and co-create successfully.

It is abou YOU and WE and how you move and connect in between.
The teaching will be followed by a short Kriya.

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This teaching will give you an insight about the Module 2.

This will be the content of our next Mindful Leadership Module 2 from May 6th to May 9th in Le Martinet or also available Online.

Module 2 - YOU AND WE

We will cover the subjects of:


Social Awareness is about Empathy towards yourself and others. The way you treat yourself you treat others.

So learn how to treat yourself and interact with others. This leads to an organizational and group awareness necessary to grow you and others.


Conflicts are a chance to change. The other is the mirror of YOU.

Reflect in workshops how you deal with conflicts in a group setting. Learn how you interact as a team member and get a 360 feedback.


Means to be a leader of your consciousness contributing to a group consciousness. Being able to lead you and others through any situation no matter what it is.

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