Sacred Geometry

Awakening the Self

September  Sat 21 - Fri 27, 2019          Register here for Sacred Geometry

Every year we have a unique program,

Last year the theme was about the Geometry of Codes. They are part of a subtle language to communicate with the cosmic energie, in yoga we call it Adi Shakti. This is the Universal power which rules the world. The mastery of Codes will give you access to self-empowerment, so that you could co-create with the Universe the choreography of your life, bringing in harmony, beauty and balance. 

In order to discover and work on your own geometric pattern, you need to first find out where is your reference point, your center - your bindu. And be able to stand for it and take full responsibility for who you are as an essence. Than you need to face and dissolve what stops you from your full creative potential.

We will learn how to draw harmonique patterns from different matrix, so you need to bring a ruler, a compass and blank drawing paper. As Codes works like a crystal we asks you to bring a personal crystal to be programmed in a specifique way.

The PROGRAM this year will be according to the energies of 2019

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You’ll be taken care of by the team who have guided thousands of people to renew themselves so they can renew their lives:
Karta Singh, Jai Gopal Kaur and Har Nal kaur


The course takes place at Domaine Le Martinet, less than an hour’s drive from Grenoble in the French Alps, at an altitude of 800m. Here, air and prana mix with the fragrance of surrounding pine forests, and with the primal spirit of the mountain torrent. 


Arrive - 17:00 / Leave - 12:00  noon


Le Martinet provides a camping ground. Please bring your own tent. If this is not at all possible, we can provide a limited number of tents on site. Please contact us to check availability before you make any arrangements.


880 eur (ALL IN)  -  €150 is non-refundable


 Please register for this course here  and transfer a 300eur deposit to reserve your place. Upon registration you will receive further logistic information.

We welcome you with open arms and a warm heart. We are delighted to consider you one of our future students. For further information: Sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"It was an amazing, very profound and honest week, in which I couldn't run away from myself.   Facing my deepest resistances and hugging them took me closer to myself, to my truth, to my authenticity.  In one moment I was so touched by the enormous dimension of the sacred geometry that I had tears in my eyes and was deeply humbled."
"Since this magical week, I have watched the sacred teachings start to manifest in my life. I have learnt to be open to things that I cannot see or hear, to love and forgive through my fears, and trust that the infinite wisdom of the universe is always here to guide me.  It was a deeply transformative week, and the brilliant teachers, genuine atmosphere, and beautiful students at Amritnam Sarovar made it all possible."
" don’t know anywhere else on the planet teaching sacred geometry in this way - and I have been searching! It was accessible, experiential & full of even more le martinet magic than usual :) thank you - please do a follow up course so we can go even deeper! "


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