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Amrit Nam Sarovar is an international school of learning. We offer globally recognized teacher trainings in kundalini yoga, as well as a number of other courses for the human spiritual evolution.

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Beads of Wisdom from Karta Singh’s address of the year

“Things need to unfold in the proper order and we must not get in the way.”

“Perfection is here to touch us. The veil between the worlds is being lifted. Spirit and matter will meet in absolute resonance. The seed thought of the future is now crystallised in the people who are ready to receive the New. We do not need yet another theory about life. We are asked to shift our awareness to a higher level of experience. Then we are fully participating in the mystery of manifestation.”

“The re-building of society is possible. Humankind is ready to realign, moving into a truly communal way of living. When the white light diffracts into the seven rays (seven families of souls) - the colours of the rainbow - let us come together in the spirit of the Rainbow Gatherings. We need to meet again, to dance again in unison transcending all our differences - as a genuine expression of the Body of Intuition, an existence without conditioning and a keen discernment of truth manifesting as Wisdom.”

“Be pure in your intention. Ask to be shown the way. Do not be attached to the outcome. Then your intention leads to an action that manifests the change in the physical world.”

“Opportunities will rain on us as soon as we allow the unexpected to rule the expected. Herein lies the true magic.”

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