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ANS Teacher Membership

The Spirit of Teaching

As an ANS teacher you represent the worldwide ANS network.

You have access to the ANS Teacher Platform with Kundalini Update Kriyas. You have the right to use ANS branding within your own promotional materials, and as part of the worldwide ANS Teacher Community you are listed on our ANS website with a link to your website.

You deliver your classes in the spirit of the 16 facets of an ANS teacher.

To keep up with this spirit and to face the pressure of time you need to inspire yourself as much as you inspire others. 


In our Gatherings we want to share with you our long experience of teaching and understand how we can support each other in the development of this exceptional destiny of a True Teacher. We are all „Baby Teachers in Training“ to embrace the status of a Spiritual Teacher. 

We need to create a conscious and personal development plan in order to understand how to obey the Dharma and what rules the human beings in this time. So we may qualify to serve efficiently and express our enthusiasm and love in relationship to the students and their expectations.

Remember it is not marketing that works, but only your magnitude! That frequency is based on your personal discipline. 

Through our experience we will discover the foundation of Guru Yoga and the methodology of the delivery of teachings. 

We deeply appreciate that you keep up as an ANS Teacher and it will be our joy to support you. 

Requirements for ANS Teacher Membership

  • You have completed the ANS Level 1 Awakening Training (or another form of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training)
  • You are committed to complete ANS Level 2 (if not already completed)
  • You teach (at minimum) 1 yoga class per week (we highly recommend you teach at least one weekly in-person class)
  • You attend (at minimum) 1 yoga class per week with an ANS Teacher or with the ANS Student Membership Online Program 
  • You are committed to a transpersonal development program mentored by Satyavrati (renewed at the ANS Teacher Gathering each summer)
  • You commit to attend the ANS Teacher Gathering at Le Martinet to meet with the wider teaching sangat and update the teachings (on-site or online)
  • You teach (at minimum) 1 group sadhana per month

What you give 

  • ANS Teacher Membership yearly fee of 108€

What you receive

  • You are licensed to use the ANS logo for the communication of your Kundalini yoga classes 
  • 2 online question & answer mentoring sessions| year with Satyavrati Yogi
  • 1 community Sadhana every first Monday| month
  • Access to the ANS Teacher Platform through which you can access Kundalini Update videos and other inspiring classes
  • An invitation to the ANS Teacher Gathering at Le Martinet each summer (normally 1 day at the beginning of August)
  • Access to ANS Student Membership Online classes with a reduced membership price (monthly 35€)

Satyavrati Yogi:

“I had the blessings to receive the methodology of the transmission of teachings directly from the Master. Today I want to share it through experience and the relationship with you and I want to be there for you. The Awakening Training Level 1 and Level 2 do not cover deep enough into the methodology of teachings. It’s popping up as soon as you practically teach and dedicate your life to spread the teachings. I want to dedicate my expertise to all of you, who made this choice as a life purpose. I’m offering an open evening every 3 months for questions and answers for teachers who are really and practically teaching weekly classes. It will be about orientation, composition of classes, the dynamic of the relationship teacher-student, support and inspiration to teach your classes as well as a personal mentoring.”