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Kids & Teens Camp

We are entering the new world
but who will create this new world? 

The new generation…

Kachina Teillier

With the program for the young generation, we want to open doors to a wide range of experiences.

Our base camp in nature becomes our Bindu, the foundation from where we will act and experience the world. Our program is made to reconnect with nature and the elements, to activate the sensory system and to express ourselves through art, forming with clay (earth), painting (water), hiking, tree climbing (air), dancing (fire), co-creation games, 8-shields movement etc.

To inspire with a sparkle of spirit (ether) we start every day with a special yoga class for kids. Within our sharing circles based on non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg), every child will have a voice.

The Kids & Teens Camp program will cover the workshops and Tantra times during the days while the kids will be with their parents in the evening and can join the music and concert program. 

Our Kids & Teens Camp Team speak English, French and German.

Kachina Teillier

Kids & Teens Camp Leader

Kachina is mother of two children; her son is 13 and her daughter is 9. For 4 years Kachina is doing home schooling. She wants to encourage her kids to think by their own, to find their own ability and capacity they want to improve and to be as much autonomous as they can.

In her professional life Kachina has an education in dancing and is an ANS Yoga Teacher and Trainer. She has been working as a dance and yoga therapist for ten years with kids and teenagers in a psychiatric hospital. During the last 20 years she has been given dancing and yoga classes for children, always with the focus that they find their own way to move, feel, and express themselves.

Kachina is holding regularly autonomous Child and Teens Camps in the forest.

She lives with her family in the Haute-Savoie.