Winter Ayurveda Cure

Purify your Body Mind and Spirit

25 Nov – 2 Dec 2023

The Le Martinet Ayurveda Cure is a detox program to help eliminate the body’s toxins – physical, emotional and mental.

We are here to support your intention, to care for your well-being and health.

Our team of high qualified practitioners in natural healing and Ayurveda creates for you the space to let go, relax and get the best benefit of the treatments.

You will enjoy a daily ayurvedic massage, organic healthy gourmet food (local, seasonal, vegan/vegetarian) and healing treatments designed to meet your individual body type and current state of health.

The week includes as well a personal healing- and mentoring consultation with Satyavrati Yogi, a daily Sadhana, afternoon meditations and walks.

  • Realize and accept your current obstacles, distractions and source of stress
  • Take care of physical pain, toxic habits or any conflicts within your constitution
  • Dissolve your resistances 
  • Find harmony back in your life
  • Become aware of your condition in order to boost your immunity to live a long and peaceful life.
Aude Chambru・Ayurveda Therapist

Aude is an Ayurveda Therapist and Kundalini Yoga teacher trained by Amrit Nam Sarovar. For her, Yoga and Ayurveda are powerful tools for self-healing. Her massages are an alchemic dance to open the space for more awareness, autonomy and responsibility in the bodies. As a yoga therapist she supports people in their healing process. Aude is part of our Ayurvedic Team at Le Martinet. 

Valérie・Massage Therapist

Valérie is trained in reflexology foot massage and other massage techniques and has many years of experience in breath work, meditation, yin-yoga and numerology. A foot massage with her takes you into other dimensions. Valerie is part of our Massage Team at Le Martinet.

Karin Obrist・Chef de Cuisine Ayurveda

Karin studied Ayurvedic Cooking at the European Ayurveda Institute in Birstein, Germany. Her food is full of light, joy and beauty and always an explosion of taste. Karin cooks for the Ayurvedic cures and the Kundalini Yoga Transformation Retreats (Level 3) at Le Martinet.


Price for the 1 week Ayurveda Cure program is 1.500 € (incl. VAT).

Included in the price are the massages, the healing consultation, the yoga program and three Ayurvedic meals a day. 

We offer following room categories: 

Single room with shared bathroom55 € | night
Single room with own shower65 € | night
Double room in double occupancy 45 € | night
Double room in single occupancy90 € | night
Suite in single occupancy130 € | night
Suite in double occupancy65 € | night

General Conditions

Date: Sat 25 Nov – Sat 2 Dec 2023

Arrival time 16h | program starts at 19h on the day of arrival.
Program finishes after Breakfast on the day of departure (10h).

Our therapists speak French and English.

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