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ANS World Network

For over 40 years Satyavrati Yogi has travelled across the planet, training and mentoring thousands of ANS Kundalini Yoga Teachers, Trainers and Mentors.

They now constitute a worldwide ANS tribe. Step-by-step over the years this network has expanded beyond borders and is now totally independent as a free network without boundaries. It transcends all cultural and gender differences. 

Members of this network share in common the methodology and the Spirit.

Each member in their own way impacts the world and develops autonomous trainings and centers. Online meetings are held regularly and once a year an international gathering of Teachers, Trainers and their students takes place both in person at Le Martinet, and locally in Russian-speaking countries.

ANS supports the co-creativity, research and development of the program and sharing worldwide of experiences and latest realisation. The ANS teachings are anchored in the changes to face the time.

Everybody started as a Teacher and developed according to their own magnitude and perseverance of new skills, to continue to always impact and inspire more students.