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Our Path of Transformation

The beginnings of internationally renowned school ›Amrit Nam Sarovar‹ go back to the early nineteen-eighties of the last century, when Satyavrati (Karta Singh) received the mission to spread the teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

In the year 2000 he came to Le Martinet, where the renewing of ANS Movement started with the return to the traditional transmission methodology.

The early Years

From Boston over Paris to Sisteron

After the meeting with Yogi Bhajan in 1981 in Boston Satyavrati (Karta Singh) received the mission to spread the teachings and share them in French. In co-creation with Guru Hans Singh, Satyavrati created the F.F.K.Y. (French Federation of Kundalini Yoga) in Paris. On moving to Sisteron in 1986, Satyavrati developed the first Eveil de Soi week as well as the first Level 1 Teacher Training in Lyon. In 1996, collaborating with other Kundalini Yoga teachers in France and Germany, he bought the property for the land project La Fontaine, close to Sisteron. It was the first microfarm project, run by Varangit Singh and Ina Subag Kaur, and served to build a spiritual community where the teacher trainings could be developed. After creating the Level 1 Teacher Training, Satyavrati developed 5 modules of Level 2. He shared them all over Europe and finally answered the call of the needs of Russian speaking countries, as well as Africa and South America. The first trainer mentors were initiated. 

It was always Satyavrati’s vision to empower independent trainers, who then go onto develop their own training networks. From the beginning of the Level 1 Teacher Training, the interface was Immersion (‘5 elements’) Week, where all trainers and students gathered in France. In 1997 Yogi Bhajan tasked Satyavrati to develop, in co-creation with Guru Charan Singh and Satya Singh, eight modules for three levels of a KRI teacher training (Kundalini Research Institute) in Espaniola, New Mexico. Satyavrati brought in his expertise and experience of over 15 years creating KY teachers. Together they gave birth to the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training.

The new century

Le Martinet became the new home of Kundalini Yoga

In 2000 Satyavrati bought the land of Le Martinet and since then has developed it as a place to deliver and live the teachings, manifesting the primary vision of a lifestyle rooted in the new paradigm of trust and unconditional love. 

After the death of Yogi Bhajan in 2004 the KRI Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1 was completed and a TTEC (Teacher Training Executive Committee) was built to generate the five modules of Level 2 Training and further onto Level 3. 

In 2011 Satyavrati started to observe a dissonance in the delivery of the teachings in the TTEC group and KRI. From his perspective it had moved away from traditional transmission into prescriptive and institutionalised methods. The management of the network of teachers and the spreading of the teachings had become based and driven by business focusses. At that time ANS represented almost 40% of the KRI trainings. Out of loyalty he continued to be involved with the organisations in the capacity of an adviser until Level 3 was completed, but in 2016 he decided to honor his own leadership and inner guidance by stepping out of KRI. It was time to embody the teachings again with the integrity of the golden chain and to return to the traditional transmission methodology.

It took Satyavrati 7 years to redefine step-by-step the curriculum of the ANS Awakening Teacher Training and to write his own manual book aligned to the training. 

Today Amrit Nam Sarovar is an internationally renowned school focused on training and qualifying the best Kundalini Yoga teachers worldwide, as well as providing a space and framework for personal development and spiritual awakening.