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The Seven Hermetic Principals of the Kybalion

Create your Life

Kundalini Yoga Online Workshop with Prem Jot

27 January – 30 November 2024

Create your Life

CREATE YOUR Life is a Kundalini Yoga Online Workshop series dedicated to the 7 universal principals of Kybalion. The Program lasts from January till November 2024 and deals with a different Hermetic principal each time.

Prem Jot was dedicating many years of her life in transforming textiles. As a fashion designer she was the pioneer of Upcycling. Kundalini Yoga became her gateway to liberation and the door to a new life, where she transforms in more subtle realms; weaving spaces from light to support others on their way to realization.
In this workshop she brings the design process into Yoga. The overall vision of the Program is to use the workshop to receive, create and bring an own project into life, in harmony and with support of the 7 Principles. The world today is asking, how to be creative, how to initiate new ideas. But how can we create in a conscious way?

We might come in life to a threshold, where the soul can enter the inner world, when it is ready. The inner world is the world of ONENESS and is just a mirror of the world beyond. As above so below. Here all is ONE. To create from the perspective of the ONE, we need to go to this inner realm, and we need to listen.
By understanding the 7 principals of Kybalion we get all the tools to create in harmony with Gods Dream, which become our dream. We learn how to manifest and bring this dream into crystallization.

Prem will guide each participant in the creation process of their own project within this year, starting with receiving the idea and gradually through all the steps to implementation and materialization.

The Seven Hermetic Principals of the Kybalion

The Kybalion contains the universal wisdom of the great master Hermes Trismegistos (Egypt, early Dynasty). His teachings are the foundation of both, the western and eastern spiritual realms. Through the understanding of these universal laws, we can understand how creation itself is generated and apply it to our life.


Each workshop guides through one Hermetic principle and teaches how to understand and apply it, followed by an intense Kundalini Yoga Kriya, designed to comprehend the principle through the senses of the body, essential basis to adopt it in one’s own life. Between the online gatherings participants can practice the kriya on a daily basis, a good condition to master it. 

If you already approached the Kybalion within your ANS Level 1 Teacher training, you can now dive deeper into it and use it for your own life. 

AS ABOVE SO BELOW | 9 March 16-19h
Where is your Above? Where is your below? Where are you YOU?
The individual is always seen in relationship within himself and with the cosmos. You cannot understand yourself being separate, but only within a constellation.

This principle reminds us of how everything relates to each other; through all dimensions, beyond time and space. 
The divine sparkle is the essence of All, within us and within everything.
If we understand our body, we understand the Galaxies!

This is the key access to the full potential of our being. This is the superhero power!
Entering our true heart, we can dwell in the heart of the Universe.

Workshop Schedule

  1. Principal・All is MindSaturday 27 January 2024, 16-19h

2. Principal・As Above so BelowSaturday 9 March 2024, 16 -19h

3. Principle・VibrationSaturday 27 April 2024, 16-19h

4. Principle・PolaritySaturday 8 June 2024, 16-19h

5. Principle・RhythmSaturday 7 September 2024, 16-19h

6. Principle・Cause and EffectSaturday 19 October 2024, 16-19h

7. Principle・GenderSaturday 30 November 2024, 16-19h

All participants receive the recording of the classes. The workshop can be booked in single sessions or as a whole program.

  • Single Workshop 37€
  • Whole Program 240€

About Prem Jot

Prem’s life is interwoven with beauty and creativity. As a fashion designer she became recognized worldwide with her special approach of Upcycling. Her collections pushed the boundaries of art and fashion. For years she had been leading creative retreats for participants to explore and experience their work in a holistic way and open their inner channels to let creativity flow again.
Prem is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer as well as educated in energetic healing and meditation.
Alongside the physical practice, her Kundalini Yoga lessons are focused on the meditative and healing aspects. Prem’s Yoga classes are a fluent interaction of movement, sound, power and stillness and are supported by the flow of love. The fusion of Kundalini Yoga, sound and rhythm make the classes a holistic experience.