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Level 3

The Transmutation Wheel

Heal your soul in the 8 directions

When you enter the spiritual path, you prioritise your true identity, which is timeless (5D), as a guiding force over your identity which is within the time (3D).

This is the choice you have to make to enter the portal of ANS Empowerment & Enlightenment Level 3. 

The matrix is the timeless healing wheel of the shaman, where each direction has its own specific frequency and message to reveal to guide you.

These are the archetypical directions, which resonate with the archetypical functions of the true human’s Higher Self. We have chosen this matrix to empower ourselves so that we may impact the world through our destiny. We may also access the stage of enlightened beings to support and serve the manifestation of an enlightened society. 

Permanent Learning Process

Have you completed Level 2 and find yourself called to enter a permanent learning process? These retreats are a part of the traditional 8 fold path teachings.

Where to start for the first Immersion?

These retreats represent part of our perspective on permanent learning where you can meet with unexpected people and with your true self through deep and unique practices accessible to everyone. The themes we have chosen for these modules are keys to access to your highest potential and the experiences will give you enough matter to dig and develop for another year of practice. Part of our vision of the new human is the rehabilitation of The Magician within us in a practical way. 

Now is also a time to readjust your vision and receive an oracle, so that you can anticipate the next step on your path and redefine your personal development plan with the assistance of an ANS Mentor.

Level 3 Beyond Levels

Level 3 is not a training, instead it is the principle of permanent learning.

It is not about pilling up a new level, but rather, it is a continuation on the path to Mastery, which you started when you took your first step in the direction of embracing a spiritual life. In the beginning you are not aware of where it will take you. Therefore we have no preconception or restrictions on who can access these retreats, you can be a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

These retreats are working in the diagonal energy, which transcends the linear path. When the Time is Now, it is Your Time!  

This permanent learning process is about activating and growing these 8 Archetypes within us. 
It is encapsulated within the mantra:









Accommodation on Le Martinet

We offer following room categories: 

Single room with shared bathroom55 € | night
Single room with own shower65 € | night
Bed in a double room with own bathroom45 € | night
Bed in a dormitory25 € | night
Bed in a tent dormitory15 € | night
You sleep in your own tent  0 € | night

Level 3 Modules

8 Archetypes of the Transmutation Wheel

Level 3 Module 1

The Queen/King: The Alchemic Wedding

Gobinde | Sustainer

2 – 8 July 2022

The primary relationship – the archetype of Adam and Eve was innocent and happy but totally unconscious! We fell from this garden of Heaven until we reached the deepest complexity in the matter of relationships – nobody knows where to go, who is who, what is masculine, what is feminine. The confusion extends through all layers, emotional and physical.

The awakening of the new human is the embracing of consciousness and innocence. In yoga we call it the experience of Samadhi, where knowing and truth merge into ONENESS; the experience of Ecstasy.

We find the essence in ourselves through others! Walking the bridge and entering the other person in absolute innocence.
We choose to heal and integrate all archetypes of the polarities in ourselves.

In our practice we discover how, as a woman, to approve the man within ourselves. We embrace the creative power of God and experience being powerful, secure and invulnerable. He is the undivided self in us, where the mind is not split from the body and the spirit not from the flesh. If they are unified, they can work at the peak of emotional and creative power.

As a man we take the heart and mind of the divine woman archetype – the Goddess – as a picture in our heart. She becomes part of us. We can get in contact with our own nourishing qualities, our inner muse, the source of infinite inspiration. We approve the vulnerability of the woman within us, and open up to sense pain and fear; we will find our true strength, the man’s prayer.

By honouring our own body as an embodiment of Goddess and God, we access and sense the essence of being.
Goddess and God, female and male, moon and sun, death and birth, swing in their orbits, eternal, yet ever-changing. Polarity – the force that holds the cosmos together – is LOVE, EROTIC, TRANSCENDENT and INDIVIDUAL. The Maya, the TWO is the mirror of the ONE. ONE is in ALL and expresses itself through duality.

This retreat is made for women and men and can also be a beautiful experience for couples.  

Price for the weekly program is 1050 € (incl. VAT). 
Included in the price are the teaching fee and the food.

Level 3 Module 2

The Wild Woman/Man: The Shiva/Shakti Dance

Mukande | Liberator

25 – 31 May 2024

Level 3 Module

The Magician: The Path of the Wizard

Udare | Self-Enlighted

Coming back 2026

The Path of the Wizard is a journey to reconnect with the roots of the magician in YOU. 

It is a shamanic initiation, which gives you the power to change yourself on a deep level; an initiation to manifest the new human.

The magic is the continuity of the spirit in the heart of matter. See the magic in the simple world. Spellcasting and magical will merge the limited self into the universal self. The Path of the Wizard is to take ownership and responsibility for the formal world you create.
It is the sacred union of the god and the godess.

  • Kundalini Yoga for bliss and ecstacy
  • Initiate and create rituals to craft a sacred space
  • Magical dance of the wild women and man

Price for the weekly program is 1050 € (incl. VAT). 
Included in the price are the teaching fee and the food.

Level 3 Module 4

The Saint: Embrace the Silence in Contemplation

Apare | Limitless

7 – 13 September 2024

Level 3 Module 5

The Warrior: Be the Master of the Space

Hariang | Destroyer

3 – 9 June 2023

Level 3 Module 6

The Artist: Be the Artisan of your Destiny

Kariang | Creator

9 – 15 September 2023

Level 3 Module 7

The Fool | Trickster: A Quantum Leap in Crazy Wisdom

Nirname | Nameless

Coming soon 2025

Level 3 Module 8

The Lover: The Path of Compassion

Akame | Desireless

Coming soon 2025