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Le Martinet Yoga Festival 2024

30 July – 4 August 2024

The Kiss of Grace

The theme of the Le Martinet Yoga Festival Edition #01 is THE KISS OF GRACE

WAHE GURU is the realization of the moment when we fully understand. When we are kissed by HIS grace. When we access the key of creativity. It is pure inspiration; and we are expanded in the ether of infinity.  

What are we without HIS grace? Our life is shaped by coincidence. It constantly happens through our infinite matrix. The universe emerges by synchronism. The moment when we feel the kiss of the unknown might change our life, we call it Baraka. More we become aware of the manifestation of HIS grace, more we share our grace with others, more we attract it. 

The Le Martinet Yoga Festival 2024 is a gathering to attract HIS grace and blessing, to share with one another, and to spread it out to the world. 

When the teacher is plugged in the source of blessings and spread it wherever he goes, the Kundalini Yoga kriyas find its best expression. 

Join us in the serene embrace of the mountains where nature and the Vercors National Park converge for an immersive 5-days experience of

Music・Art・Tantra・Kundalini Yoga