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Transcend your limitations!

3 days of Tantra Soma Practice with Satyavrati

Pure Medicine for the soul

Bring light into your shadows

Since 35 years Satyavrati Yogi is traveling the world to facilitate his experiences.

With TANTRA SOMA he takes it to a whole new level of acceleration. TANTRA SOMA is a three day intense practice of Kundalini Yoga, embedded into our festival. It is a true gathering for our time, because it has the potential to effectively rid us off individual and collective conditionings.

TANTRA ・The purpose of Tantra Yoga is to dissolve or readjust all distorted subconscious  energy we hold through our seven energy bodies.

It brings back in the flow of oneness what have been in separation and duality.

It works directly on the energy and can reach as deep as our DNA structure. Our fundamental life and sexual energy can be transformed into Ojas. The ressorce of Ojas will produce Amrit through the Tantric practice which is the nectar of ecstacy. 

SOMA is another word for Amrit and pure medicine for the soul.

It has its roots in Kundalini Yoga and the tradition of the Sufis: People gather to celebrate the Divine, which is deeply nourishing. Movement, sound, breath, trance techniques – in combination with the collective energy of the group – give access to an elevated state of consciousness. We can experience our Higher Self, and in turn relax into life out of a deep connection.

We become aware of what needs to change. 


1. KRIYA & PARTNER EXCERCISES – Physical practice that activates a different vibrational potential, in turn provoking both hemispheres of the brain to work simultaneously. You will practice on your own or with different partners. Your partner represents an extension of your soul. He mirrors your reactive personality, your Lower Self, and thus functions as a catalyst and accelerator of frequencies. This technique makes use of the mind’s tendencies to attach itself to the other, to turn your partner into an object. The impulse to control will be loosened and eventually dissolved with the practice. Self-empowerment is the result. 

2. TAAL – Specific rhythms to help realign our pulsing with the pulsing of the Universe. 

3. NAAD – Combines rythms with different sound currents to trigger frozen emotional memories. They will start moving again and accelerate the flow of your inner medicine. 

4. PRANAYAMA – specific techniques of breathing will combine Prana and Apana in order to generate Atma Prana. 

5. RELAXATION – Periods of rest are as important as the active parts. It gives you time to integrate your experience. 

After TANTRA SOMA you might feel content, relaxed and joyful experiencing a high degree of awareness and expansion.

You might also feel sad or annoyed. These emotions are just an indication that the surface, the part of you that covers things up, has cracked open. You now have the possibility to see and fully acknowledge what is really happening for you.