The 12 Sacred Nights | ONLINE

Open to the New

Kundalini Yoga Transformation Retreat

with Satyavrati Yogi and Prem Jot
26 Dec 2023 – 6 Jan 2024 | ONLINE

A new time • A new rhythm • A new cycle

The Twelve Sacred Nights have traditionally been a time of retreat and deep reflection.

The old writings say that the membrane between the 3D and the spiritual world is almost transparent at this time, making it easy to look over into the dimension of the soul.
Spent in conscious connection with oneself, these days can also become a path of transformation and rebirthing in one’s own life and reflect the journey of the soul to the light.

Through the technique of kundalini yoga, in this special time we can let go the hidden structures of the past and allow a new light to flow into our bodies.

We break down the boundaries of our previous world for a new existence within us. We will activate our intuition to renew our vision and readjust the orbit for the year ahead.

The archetypes of the 12 rays, the 12 astrological signs as well as the 12 months will guide us to readjust our inner clock with our cosmic dimension and share and celebrate our light with our soul family.

Together we will break through to enter a new time cycle!

This retreat can be participated ONLINE with two yoga classes a day (1 early morning Sadhana and 1 afternoon class)

All classes will be recorded and available for 4 weeks.


Price for the 12 days ONLINE program is 595 € (incl. VAT).

Reduced Price for all ANS Members (Teacher Membership and Student Membership) 395 € (incl. VAT). For ANS members, please send us an email to receive the link to sign up.


General Conditions

Date: Tue 26 Dec 2023 – Sat 6 Jan 2024

The retreat is taught in English with possible translation into French and Russian (for request only).

Retreat mentors

Satyavrati Karta

Karta studied with Yogi Bhajan the source of Kundalini Yoga and supported also as a board member his institution for 30 years. He is a spiritual mentor and healer and the founder and head of the Amritnam Sarovar School (ANS). Karta trained over 1000 teachers and trainers in Kundalini Yoga and self awakening. After 40 years travelling all over the planet and teaching Kundalini Yoga, Karta finally settled down at Le Martinet in the French alps in 2020, at the place he started to develop 20 years ago. He considers Le Martinet as a sign post that welcomes people looking for a spiritual home. People living for each other beyond borders, beliefs and religions. It is a journey to becoming fully human. Together with Prem Jot, Karta developed the Le Martinet Residential Retreat Program.

Prem Jot

Prem’s life is interwoven with beauty and creativity. As a fashion designer she was a pioneer of Upcycling and became recognized worldwide. Her collections pushed the boundaries of art and fashion. For years she had been leading creative retreats for participants to explore and experience their work in a holistic way and open their inner channels to let creativity flow again.
Prem is a Kundalini Yoga teacher trained by Gurmukh and Gurushabd as well as educated in energetic healing and meditation by Mari Nil.
Alongside the physical practice, her Kundalini Yoga lessons are focused on the meditative and healing aspects. Prem’s Yoga classes are a fluent interaction of movement, sound, power and stillness and are supported by the flow of love. The fusion of Kundalini Yoga with sound make the classes a holistic experience.