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The True Man

The Traveling Retreat for Men

Saturday 6 – Thursday 11 July 2024

The need of the new and true man is urgent. The world needs people of action which are guided by wisdom and not by opportunity.
We may reunite to serve and elevate each other and to create the world in a conscious way.

Satyavrati Yogi

Created by Satyavrati yogi in 2007, the TRUE MAN is a retreat for men on tracking!

From our base camp at Le Martinet, we will track and meet with the question “what is The Real Man”?

Our hike will be punctuated by yogic and shamanic practices to consciously explore our masculine and feminine polarities.

It is an initiatory path, discovering our True Identity, our intuition, and our full potential. It is also an opportunity to define and experiment with a new form of masculinity more in line with the societal and spiritual issues of our time.

Why between men?

It is first of all about reconnecting with a thousand-year-old memory that is within us, those of times of fraternity and rites between men. We have neglected them, forgotten, or even rejected them and yet our cells, our humanity, need them. We are men who have been hurt by men. We are men who have hurt men. Sharing, in security and awareness, a sincere, joyful, and uninhibited fraternity is already a “healing” in itself.

On the other hand, we have inevitably developed games of seduction, domination, or submission with the feminine. Through the experience of separation, in non-mixed living, we can feel these attachments, these dependencies differently and free ourselves from them. By connecting to a diversity of men we can more easily connect to our vulnerability and our power, assume, and harmonize our masculine and feminine polarities; reconnect with the singularity and resources of our gender.

And then very concretely we observe that men feel freer and lighter among themselves to approach their challenges and their aspirations with authenticity.

We are not, neither physiologically nor psychologically, constructed in the same way.

Accepting it and taking it into account is an obvious fact that all tribal societies understood and with which TRUE MAN offers you to reconnect.

Teaching Team

Frédéric Marr

Front side, entrepreneur in the food field. Right side, explorer of the body and consciousness, teacher of Kundalini Yoga and other joyful and victorious practices. Since my initiation, twenty years ago, into rites between men (Shipibo, mkp, tantra, etc.) I have not missed an opportunity to offer spaces of realization dedicated specifically to the masculine. This voluntary “separation” is a skillful way: to explore, feel and release our masculine and feminine polarities; to return to diversity with more authenticity, autonomy and lightness.

Yannick Kang Shik Chevallier Ruin

Teacher, musician, has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 22 years. Born in Seoul, and living in France, his research was very early oriented around Self-knowledge and eternal wisdom, through different practices which ended up weaving a living bridge, in the form of a loving dialogue between people; East and West. Just like the 5 elements, the polarities are an essential portal to cross for the researcher in search of truth. Today, men are called to update their vision of the “masculine”, in harmony with the establishment of the Age of Aquarius.

Phebus Sat Kartar Astoul

As son of Satyavrati, Phebus Sat Kartar was touched early in his life with the magic of Kundalini Yoga, rhythm and the universal teachings and took part in the Miri Piri Academy in India. He studied traditional carpentry and wood construction and takes care of the Building Work at Le Martinet. In his second studies he discovered the aspects of sound and rhythm from the technical and artistic side. His passion as a DJ is legendary after each training or retreat at Le Martinet.

…and as a guest teacher:

Satyavrati Yogi


Price for the program is 540 € (incl. VAT).

Included in the price are the program, the teaching fees and the food (including a partial diet), mountain support.

We will stay in tents at the base camp (provided by Le Martinet) and roaming under the stars.

Please bring a sleeping bag, mat, walking shoes, rain gear, towel, blanket, yoga clothes for practices and an outfit for the celebration evening.

General Conditions

Date: Sat 6 – Thur 11 July 2024

Arrival time Friday 17.00 | program starts at 19.00h on the day of arrival.
Program finishes on Thursday after Sadhana

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