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ANS Trainer Membership

ANS Trainer in Probation Membership

You have participated in the ANS Mentee Program and decide to step on this path to become an ANS Trainer. 

We will finalise your approval at the next ANS Teacher Gathering in summer prior Immersion Week. 

Requirements for ANS Trainer in Probation Membership

  • You have completed the ANS Level 1 and Level 2 Awakening Training (or another form of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 and ANS Level 2)
  • You hold ANS Teacher Membership
  • You have participated in the ANS Mentee Program for 1 or 2 years (requirement dependent on each individual)
  • You have taught (at minimum) 350 hours of Kundalini Yoga classes (with documentation)
  • You attend (at minimum) 1 yoga class per week with an ANS Teacher or with the ANS Student Membership Online Program 
  • You are committed to a transpersonal development program mentored by Satyavrati (renewed at the ANS Teacher Gathering each summer)
  • You commit to attend the ANS Teacher Gathering at Le Martinet to meet the wider teaching sangat and update the teachings (permanent learning, participation minimum 2x in 3 years 
  • You teach (at minimum) 1 group sadhana per month
  • You submit a letter of recommendation from your Mentor
  • You submit your plan for a Teacher Training project
  • You respect that the teaching content and methodology are the intellectual property of Amrit Nam Sarovar. You undertake to use it only in the frame of the school’s mission in sharing the spirit. 

What you receive

During your first two years you will be a Trainer in probation with your own ANS Training Project.

You will receive mentoring supervision by Satyavrati or another designated ANS Trainer Mentor.

This mentoring will support your preparation of modules and delivery of the training.

It will also provide an opportunity for you to receive feedback as well as share your experiences, both of which will assist you in integrating this path.

As an ANS Trainer you keep your status of an ANS Teacher with all the access and advantage.

ANS Trainer Membership

You have been a member of the ANS Trainers Academy and you want to renew your yearly membership.