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“Here I Am” is an album that offers you an opportunity to enter into a space of peace, relaxation and tension-release through the sound-currents of the four mantras. With nature sounds! Similarly to the CD “Sadhana For the Peaceful Warrior”, Satyavrati (Karta Singh) is accompanied by excellent musicians, which make this CD a musical highlight. Including detailed booklet with meditations in English, German, Spanish and French.


Ra Ma Da Sa (31:00)
Nature Sounds: Mountain Stream (00:30)
Ardas Bhayee (11:25)
Nature Sounds: Mountain Stream (00:30)
Kal Akal (11:28)
Nature Sounds: The Ocean (00:28)
Sat Narayan (11:28)
Nature Sounds: The Ocean (03:18)

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with Karta and friends

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