Of Beauty and Light


Christine Mayer (Prem Jot) was a Berlin-based fashion designer before she came to Le Martinet. She built a fashion career re-purposing clothing and breathing new life into old garments. She was a pioneer of three-dimensional free draping with fabric, an art form she has adapted and developed from her studies in classical Japanese drapery. Christine’s style is instantly recognisable for its collage aesthetic, where pattern and fabric are constantly in juxtaposition, and the use of materials that have been “marked by life”. The restrictions presented by using recycled materials and old fabrics mean that Christine takes on the role of a sculptor — creating designs directly on the mannequin and working in harmony with the limitations of given materials, structures and fit of the model.

During 2020 Christine wrote a book about her vocation and work — transforming textiles and transforming her life. Throughout the writing process the book morphed into something deeply personal; about transformation and change, and living a life of consciousness and love.

“The world is changing! And we would do well to change with it. Let’s forget our familiar past habits. A new time is coming, and it’s urging us to change. Let’s prepare ourselves and receive the change. Let’s renew and uplift ourselves, and we will find pure love and a deep peace in the new light.”

“This challenging time is peeling away everything unimportant and distracting. It contains the gift of a reconnection with our true essence. If we remain flexible and creative in spirit and accept the challenges, we can grow together into a new era in which love and compassion are the foundations for human coexistence.”

Becoming open
Receiving the forces of the universe
Expressing them in your own way

Every moment is an act of creation
Everything is in motion
continually emerging and ceasing to be
living and dying

flowing in harmony with the divine breath

Book OF BEAUTY AND LIGHT in English and German language (both in one) with many photographs of artists and fashion photographers like Billy & Hells, Detlev Schneider etc.

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The Path of Transformation

Book by Christine Mayer (Prem Jot)

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