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TIME IS NOW November

October for me was exactly and accordingly what I was saying in the last Time is Now, THE WATERFALL! It was so sudden, so unexpected and perfectly orchestrated. A complain had been put against me which has nothing to do with my behavior, nor of any of my intentions, it is not true, and it is definitely facing the unimaginable, which did manifest. 

Situation of multidirectional and multidimensional conflicts are rising. We witness on a weekly basis a new war zone with death, poverty and deportation based on this fire of revenge, anger, hatred or violence. Confusion is raging. With which camp will you identify?

It is an escalade of oppositions and there is nobody, nothing to contain it or to bring it to moderation.

From a bigger perspective all this acceleration is an ending process of the old world and the old humanity. Collectively we are not able to move into a progressive alternative. We will have to stop in the wall. It is affecting all levels of life; business, education, relationship, health care, security… It is pushing us to break through our limitations and move up quickly to another level. 

The earthly level is the consciousness of our ego mind. It constitutes our collective common sense. What we used to take for granted, turns to be a collective hallucination where all is crumbling down. There is no way to fix it or to go backward. We are living in the field of potentialities where the power of intention, the signal we send through the matrix when we focus our intention, is an act of creation. It is up-most important in this time now, to choose which energy and which values you focus on. There is no doubt, it is time to focus on the frequencies of Peace, focus on Love, focus on Compassion; not from the mind or any doctrine, but directly from the heart. 

Ultimately Love and Truth will prevail. As a yogi we know that all the power is concentrated in the Bindu, which is the center of your consciousness. We need to establish a constant relationship with the real “Me within Me”. By focusing your awareness inside you will find self-inspiration, self-elevation and self-love. The order in the universe prevails, no matter what are the ups and downs. 

It’s a call to stand for individual sovereignty and to make clear choices for which values you live for. This is the high level of responsibility and solidarity. 

Practice of meditation is now a daily MUST. We must activate our buddhi mind and see beyond duality and confusion. When we do not center ourselves, we turn into robots, slaves of the programs of our functional mind. It ends up in the conflict between my interest against other interests.

Abandoning the trust in our imagination we are forced to open up to true intuition and spiritual guidance. This is part of our quantum jump into the new dimension of the world.  

Yours, Satyavrati Yogi