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ANS Mentee Portal

To become an ANS Trainer

The Mentee program is the portal to the inner school of ANS. 

You want to enter the path of an ANS Trainer. Here you will expand your experience of being a teacher, following the footsteps of the masters to practice Guru Yoga. This is no longer about teaching to learn; instead, it is to join the golden chain. If it is in your destiny, the path will unfold step-by-step and you will accomplish the alchemy of self.

This yoga is very abrupt and radical and will require from you total surrender.

We have received access to this Guru Yoga through the relationship to the master. You cannot learn this in books. This is not a project for marketing yoga and trying to impose your charisma on people. To be a spiritual teacher is one of the last incarnations. We want to offer a portal where you can access and have a glimpse of what it means.

You will either come with a teacher training project or you associate with another Trainer who have completed at least 5 training cycles and recommends you. 

Requirements for ANS Mentee Portal

  • You have completed the ANS Level 1 and Level 2 Awakening Training (or another form of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 and ANS Level 2)
  • You hold ANS Teacher Membership
  • You have taught (at minimum) 250 hours of Kundalini Yoga classes (with documentation)
  • You attend (at minimum) 1 yoga class per week with an ANS Teacher or with the ANS Student Membership Online Program 
  • You are committed to a transpersonal development program mentored by Satyavrati (renewed at the ANS Teacher Gathering each summer)
  • You commit to attend the ANS Teacher Gathering at Le Martinet to meet the wider teaching sangat and update the teachings (permanent learning, participation minimum 2x in 3 years 
  • You teach (at minimum) 1 group sadhana per week
  • You submit a letter of recommendation from an ANS Teacher
  • You submit your plan for a Teacher Training project
  • You pay the yearly ANS Mentee fee of 330€ for your stay at Le Martinet

What you receive

  • In the first and second years you will be welcome to assist and observe the ANS Level 1 Awakening Training at Le Martinet or with another designated Trainer Mentor. You will prepare the classes as if you would teach them and you will have the opportunity to ask questions after. 
  • You will learn the methodology of the teachings, including studying the bibliography that is behind our curriculum.
  • In the third year (for some mentees it could be in the second year) you can start your own Level 1 Awakening Training program. You will be supported with mentoring supervision from Satyavrati or another designated ANS Trainer Mentor.
  • You will receive an online mentoring session prior to each chapter/module
  • You will receive an online mentoring session after each chapter/module to allow for feedback and integration.