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This is a truly magnificent Sadhana production which comes as a double-CD: Not only do you find all the Sadhana (Morning-) meditations, but also fantastic extras like Jap Ji Sahib (the morning prayer), spoken in two versions, a beautiful piece of relaxation music which can be used ideally after the physical excersises and before the meditations, as well as a purely instrumental version and a vocal version of the first meditation-chant “Ek Ong Kar”. All together, this is a real complete companion for your Sadhana!

CD 1:

Jap Ji with Karta Singh (18:00)
Jap Ji Tantric Style (male/female) (15:50)
Relaxation (11:33)
Morning Call – instrumental version of Ek Ong Kar Meditation (7:39)
Morning call – vocal version of Ek Ong Kar Meditation (7:30).
CD 2:

Waah Yantee (7:40)
Mool Mantra (7:54)
Sat Sri Akaal (7:33)
Rakhe Rakhanhar (7:50)
Wahe Guru Jio (22:30)
Guru Ram Das Chant (5:14)

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for the peaceful warrior

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